Technology as we see it

The fast evolution of the consumer market (mobility), cloud computing, linear scalable databases created endless opportunities for organizations to innovate, to optimize their operational costs, to make a better use of data, to speed up processes through automations not possible until now.

Proliferation of data sources and data volumes (telemetry, public data, location,…) demands new ways and solutions to monitor the business performance and achieve operational excellence.

Social created the opportunity for deeper understanding of the customer, both as a client (business data) and as an individual (social data).

It's mandatory to transform the social media, mobility and cloud revolution from a threat to a corporate asset.

Our mission

Bring real-time capabilities in the organizations by processing, correlating and act on thousands of events per second using our Cintoit platform.

Who are we?

George Pristavu
Co-founder / Managing Partner

George previously held Developer & Platform Evangelism Director position at Microsoft Romania and dealt with technology as software products and services vendor.

Adrian Ene
Co-founder / Managing Partner

Adrian previously worked as Solutions Architect and Software Development Director at Allianz Tiriac – a Romanian subsidiary of Allianz Group and dealt with technology as a business centric solution provider.