CINTOIT Platform

Our CINTOIT Platform provides customers with the ability to monitor processes and systems and their events, to understand how things that are happening now can impact the KPIs thereby improving operational visibility. Business users can benefit from the ability to use interactive, real time dashboards, and proactive alerts that can be delivered through many channels (e.g. SMS, Email, Web). Users have the ability to act as things happen. Other processes can be started automatically based on real time evaluated business rules.

CINTOIT distinguishes from other commercial Business Activity Monitoring solutions by it’s architecture and speed. It has at the core the simplicity of a young producs and being a platform it can be used in virtually any possible scenario that require realtime. Because there are limitations in the computers hardware components traditional BAM solutions rely on very preformat but very expensive hardware in order to break speed barriers imposed by commodity hardware (around 200 msgs / second). CINTOIT makes use of parallel processing and non blocking architecture in order to scale linear on commodity hardware and optimize processor usage. Data transferred between systems is in a compressed format in order to ensure optimal usage of network capacity. It makes heavy use of standard protocols (HTTP, JSON, XML) in order to adapt on rapid evolution of technology and prevent becoming legacy in the near future.

CINTOIT components:

Events Collector

This component capture messages from various sensors deployed into core systems, on mobile phones or even physical equipment and deliver it to correlation engine. The Event Collector speaks standard language: JSON, XML and it has natively high availability. The collector send messages for processing on parallel pipes in order to increase throughput.

Correlation Engine

Correlates various streams of data with various latency. It counts events and checks business rules in real time. This is the smartest component of all. It’s duty is to persist raw data in the data store for offline analysis.

Multichannel Streamer

When the correlation engine decide that some rules were triggered or a specific counter need to be published it sends an event to streamer which will deploy deliver the message. It can be as an alert in a Web Application or SMS or Email or an input message in a queue in order to start a new

Real-time Dashboards

Real-time data visualizations and intuitive dashboards provide companies a versatile monitoring tool that expose the state of the business and allow fast decisions and actions.

Business Applications

CINTOIT can trigger business processes on the customer existing business applications in order to improve operational efficiency and process quality